Water-to-Go 500ml Go! Bottle Single Spare Filter

Water-to-Go 500ml Go! Bottle Single Spare Filter
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  • Filters water from any non-salt water source for safe drinking
  • Save money on bottled water
  • Avoid using disposable plastic bottles

Product Details

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Designed for use with the Water-to-Go Go! Bottle, don't forget your spare filter cartridge.

Each filter will purify up to 130 litres of water. If you use the bottle daily, it will last for around 2 months. The filters are not time-sensitive and will deactivate when dry - so you can get the maximum use out of each one.

A unique timer lets you know when to change your filter - just activate it when you start using it and it will count down the time. In addition, the water will gradually start to taste and smell as it did before using the Go! bottle. This is a ‘sensory’ prompt for you to change the filter, although it will still be filtering contaminants.

Supplied as a single spare filter - choose one to match your Go! bottle. Each new bottle also contains one filter, ready for use.

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