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Hotter Shoes women's summer collection

Hotter Shoes women's summer collection


Vietnam Photo Walk – Explore Vietnam through these vibrant photos, by photographers from around the world.

daniel-burka-98224-unsplashMarvel at the wonders of the universe and gain some perspective at Sơn Động District. Photo by Daniel Burka


Vietnam lanternsImmerse yourself in a symphony of colors. Photo by Alphacolor 13


Vietnamese Food Enjoy the contrast of warm cooked noodles and fresh aromatic herbs. Photo by Sharon Chen


Vietnamese way of life Experience a different way of life and take time to reflect. Photo by Hưng Nguyễn Việt


Hanoi market, VietnamGet swept up in the hustle and bustle of Hanoi markets, where fragrant goods are strewn in higgledy-piggledy arrangements. Photo by Stéphan Valentin


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Seasons of Japan: What to wear and where to visit

Hirosaki Park, April 2018
Hirosaki Park, April 2018. (Photo sonotoki)

Visiting Japan can be enjoyable no matter the season, as it is a country of varying climates and landscapes. Depending on the time of year you plan to visit, Japan offers a wide range of sites and activities from world-famous skiing in the winter months to beautiful pink cherry blossoms in the spring. Known for having a rainy season, there are many sites that are still enjoyable despite the downpour in the spring and humidity in the summer. Each season brings its own unique and distinct climate, here are some tips for the seasons and not only what to wear, but where to visit based on the seasons.

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